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Ergon Tile Ecologik

Ergon Tile Ecologik

Natural stone looks available with Ergon Ecologik

Ergon’s Eco-Logik full body porcelain tile emulates the look of natural stone just for the sole purpose of you being able to save as much of money and sanity as possible during this tile hunting mania. Your tile hunting mania can take a backseat now that you have found something you can breathe easier with. Many other companies like to come up with different emulations of natural stone or hardwood with porcelain tiles but what is special about the Eco-Logik collection it is earth friendly and 40% recycled material. You can be a “tree hugger” and still have a precious looking home with Ergon’s Eco-Logik.

Fine quarried stone look is perfectly captured here and in three different shades that may or may not convince you. Ergon’s Eco-Logik Noce cream coffee color is a delectable choice for interiors where you designed it just to be beautiful. Who cares about all that other stuff when you just want to please your eyes and the eyes of your loved ones.

Great big rooms with doors leading to a great big garden area could do a great deal with character and atmosphere with the Noce. This is one of those texture and shades which you will be aware of as you walk into the room for many years to come. Ergon’s Eco-Logik Bianco is just a shade lighter than the Noce but still pretty delicious to look at. The great versatile old fashion color can accommodate all kinds of crazy color ideas in your living areas. Go with the dark ugly or the light sunny. Velvety gaudy inspired furniture with equally insane looking antiques will be a marvel on these floors.

If you want to have at a little elegance going for you, the Ergon’s Eco-Logic Grigio’s shade of grey will do the trick. One of the color combination we love coming back to is shades of reds and greys. Reds do so well with greys for some reason and are mixed heavily in haute couture design. Think about having a haute couture walk in closet space in your room with these eye catching porcelain tiles.