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Ergon Tile Stone Project

Ergon Stone Project Blocks of Stone with Fundamental Inspiration

If you don’t have the money to spend on natural stone ceramics for your new home in Hollywood Hills, then go for the Ergon Stone Project instead according to your budget. The Ergon’s Stone Project porcelain series is based on the study of blocks of stone quarried in the mountains and the application of those blocks for buildings. This is the fundamental inspiration that was used for the making of this series to stand the test of time and enhance any design project.


You will find that the Ergon Stone Project is an innovative product and the fruit of the combination of a double press-loading production method while full HD digital graphics was used. That is why Ergon had decided to call is a project instead of just a mere line of porcelain tile collection that projects the look of natural stone. The Stone Project emulating the look of stone presents cross-cut and vein-cut pieces as an expression and the counter-expression of the essence of natural stone. We proposed this series for high-performance and hi-tech projects where aesthetics and practicality plays equal parts.


Choose from dark to beige to light colors presented under Stone Project Falda Black Naturale, Stone Project Falda Gold Naturale, Stone Project Falda Grey Naturale and Stone Project Falda White Naturale. They come in four different sizes and in polished accents as well. The sizes available are 24 x 24, 12 x 24, 24 x 48 and 8 x 48. The large pieces are excellent for large areas where a lot of high traffic will be met. These are large public buildings like government offices, museums, art centers, community centers, shopping malls and large companies.


Because of the neutrality of their colors, it will be an easy task to match them with different kinds of furniture materials from modern to traditional, different fabric treatments and upholstery, the pairing with different materials in the same space and different themes too.