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Florida Tile Aventis

Florida Tile Aventis

Forget 50 Shades of Gray, guys. The paradox of choice would suggest that with too many options to choose from, we are ultimately unsatisfied with our decision. Why not narrow 50 shades down to six? Ana only has one choice, and that one is more than enough. In this particular dominant and submissive relationship we think you should be the one walking all over the Velvet, Titanium, Cotton, Ask, Cotton, Eclipse, or Nut – whichever makes your hair stand on end.

In a range of super modern neutral tones, any of these six shades would perfectly suit Christian’s super modern, city slicker domicile. These minimalist, no nonsense, no fuss shades, like Christian Gray, would appear cold at first glance. But the tiles boast a smooth surface in combination with a surprisingly soft and satisfying feel, whether you lay them in the living room or line your bathroom with them. This means the tile feels good beneath your bare feet and up against your exposed skin. The smooth texture also lends itself to easy cleanup, whether you’re dealing with honey, coconut oil or melting ice – in the kitchen of course.

In keeping with Ecomoso’s commitment to eco-friendly flooring the Aventis collection is composed of 40% post-industrial recycled content and is Porcelain Tile and Greenguard certified. Go ahead, get some!

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