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Florida Tile Berkshire

Florida Tile Berkshire

Classics are hard to replace and compare to but at the same time, the classic and timeless looks of your favorite Berkshire setting, be it the elegant and urbane of the UK or the timeless original of the Berkshires in Massachusetts. If this urbane and urban look, of time honored hardwoods is what you desire but you are considering the difficult installation, limits on application options, high amount of care as well as elevated costs that make this dream just that, the benevolent people at Florida tile decided they could not let this memory become a bygone and delivered you the beauty of Berkshire. With a commitment to excellence that is affordable, allowing anyone to alter their ambiance effortlessly, Berkshire does you one better as a Color Body porcelain that will illuminate a wood look throughout as your long lost love of woody grains, patterns and striations come to life with High Definition Printing leaving the flooring fa├žade so flawless that you even forget it is not hardwood. If this was not enough, you saved the environment twice by saving the actual trees and installing flooring that will last and is constructed from recycled materials, at least partially. Combining all of this with surpassed industry standards and a variety of styles and species, the tradition of hardwood is alive and well and available for you.

Five faux planks complete the look and the expansive standards of 6x24 dimensions ensures the depth, dimension and detailed patterns showcase elegantly and effortlessly as your rustic and regal style takes over spaces personal and professional. With Hickory, Oak, Maple, Olive and Walnut options, Berkshires is sure to institute inspired innovation while providing persistent durability and efficiency, a standard for Florida Tile.

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