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Florida Tile Cinema

Florida Tile Cinema

The glamour of the silver screen is alive and well with Florida Tile's newest star: Cinema glazed porcelain tile! Inspired by the golden age of Hollywood's heyday, this Travertine stone look brings the soft beiges and subtle pitting of real stone into your home to transform it into a chic and elegant setting, suitable for entertaining or just living in contemporary luxury. And, really, if you aren't doing one, then you should always be doing the other!

Choose from three classic shades in the Cinema series. The warm, sandy tones of Burbank Beige echo a time when bathing beauties wore mink stoles poolside and kept their perfect pallor in the shade. Ivory Lace is a gauzy scrim of grays and beiges for a cool and even melange that soothes the nerves much like a vodka martini at a gala event for the premier of your newest film. And last, but hardly least, is the scene steeling femme fatale, Silverscreen, with her Ingrid Bergman good looks, and her immaculate performance. This shady leading lady is a silver and gray dream sequence that you will never want to wake up from!

Florida Tile Cinema porcelain pieces are available in a wide range of dimensions allowing for versatility in your design. Contemporary 12" x 24" rectangular pieces draw the eye into the depth of a space, while luxuriously large 18" x 18" tiles make for a grand entrance into any room, and12" x 12" tiles fit into smaller spaces like bathrooms with ease. Complete your cinematic look with a charming 25 piece 12" x 12" mosaic, or choose the brick pattern mosaic on your walls, backsplashes and surrounds! Of all the tiles in all the homes of the world, the Florida Tile Cinema collection belongs in yours! Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday! And trust us: it will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship! (Roll credits.)

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