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Florida Tile Craftsman

Florida Tile Craftsman

Digital printing is the hottest new trend in tile technology. Even if you know very little about tiles you will be able to appreciate this tile’s most alluring feature: its good looks. Digital printing on tile is like this year’s high-def Blu-ray of flooring ingenuity.

To boil down the science for you so you can impress the guests at your next cocktail party, digital printing creates a porcelain tile that is indistinguishable from the glorious and expensive natural stone that you didn’t dare consider because you’ve heard the horror stories of cracks and stains that haunt your friend’s dreams. With the Craftsman series you get the stone look in three shades of Biscuit, Rye and Wheat, but without the stone hassle.

The fancy new DP machines are the first of their kind in the country and they represent huge technological leaps and bounds in the quality of pattern variation and therefore realism.

An eco-benefit to the Craftsman series lies in Florida Tile’s commitment to reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact of its manufacturing process. We absolutely love that Digital Printing is extremely low maintenance and incorporates an automatic self-cleaning system. Yet another fun fact for your next house party: the machine recycles its own ink and produces no waste, creating a more efficient production line.

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