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Florida Tile Fontana

Florida Tile Fontana

Fontana can be interpreted in many ways. It may describe places of natural beauty or importance, such as the region named after in the romantic and enchanting country of Argentina, or even the beautiful Island regions of Cape Verde and Malta. No matter what your refined yet exotic taste of design dichotomy desired, the answer is here with Fontana from Florida Tile. As poetic and creative as the great Lucio Fontana, this porcelain line delivers the honed marble beauty that is characterized by bellowing veins and streaming striations that are intense whilst shape shifting all together as it takes on the transitioning and continuous variations encompassed by slate, all in an ethereal product that is easy to clean and care for than either. Featuring excellence and accountability that are synonymous with Florida Tile, Fontana is a fashion forward winner that upholds the most classic of traditions as well.

For those that are loving the irony, the simple line additionally offers some of the most complex and intricate design options to transform your home or office with the trappings that are characteristic of you and your sumptuous style. Benevolent and beautiful with elegant undertones, the colors and styles give way for your current d├ęcor to shine. Urbane color names include CallistoGold, MariniGrey, NavonaSand and TerrinaClay, all organic and original with no two pieces alike. Enjoy 18x18, 12x12, 6x6 and decorative options including 12x12 Mosaic sheets, 12x18 stacked Mosaics with altering sizes, Decorative Inserts etched with elegance and notarized with names like Edera Clay/Grey and Sand/Gold and the same color combinations in Fiore. Finalize your fantastic sense of style with Listellos, Chair Rail Stops and Chair Rails offered in many color options, making your subtle sophistication easier to embrace. Fontana from Florida Tile is your tribute to stunning simplicity at a price that is soothing too.

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