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Florida Tile Grandeur

Florida Tile Grandeur

Breccia is a breathtaking beauty that is all of what is true of this fine life. Breccia is a combination of angular fragments that are cemented together and creates complex, diverse and varied appearances that are dramatic, demanding and refined, making them a staple for society that is sought after by many, looking for something local, luxurious and different. This look is captured effortlessly and impeccably with the Grandeur line from Florida tile, a Glazed Porcelain tile for floors and walls that is available in both Natural and Polished finishes so that you may choose which High Definition Porcelain is right for your royal retreat. Alongside being great for your environment and the environment, Florida Tile has created the ultimate in a Polished HDP product that is not pourous or pitted, meaning maintenance will be a breeze and rectified meaning marble magnificence will be yours. Grandeur’s Natural and Polished/Rectified finishes allow you to choose as well as combine forces for the most creative of couture concoctions.

Grandeur’s polished options include Rich Honey and Imperial Ivory and all of their intricate striations and veining and sizes available are 17x17 and 17x8.8, as well as a variety of Regal Listellos and Pencils, plus some Chair Rails and Chair Rail Stops. Additional colors for Natural include Elegant Amber and Refined Brown and sizes are 18x18, 12x12, and 9x18 for diverse dimensions of design while 12x12 square mosaic sheets and stacked 1x4 sheets add definition and style sophistication. Enjoy the Finesse of Listellos in the same name and Stately options as well and Chair Rails and Stops truly top any other line out there. Combine forces and refine your regal sense of fashion with Grandeur from Florida Tile.

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