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Florida Tile Maltese

Florida Tile Maltese

We know you’re thinking about an old Hollywood flick with the words Maltese and falcon when you see Florida Tile’s Maltese porcelain tile collection. Or at least the famous detective novel which introduced that ever interesting character of Detective Sam Spade. The movie featured the late great Humphrey Bogart as the famous San Francisco private detective and his dealings with three unscrupulous adventurers, all of whom are competing to obtain a jewel-encrusted falcon statuette. Oh my what a thrilling, exciting adventure just like the one you are going to have with Florida Tile’s Maltese collection in your home!

This story takes place in the 1940s when women were real and men wore machismo on their sleeves. Don’t forget this was also the time when great world wars were fought and out of the frugality came also a sense of fashion for less. Decor in the 1940s was affected by the decade’s current events more than anyone living today may understand.

Families attempted to recreate some feeling of normality so traditional decor styles began to resurface. The styles seen during this period combine both the modern style that the Americans were molding and the Europeans were trying their best to recreate. Not all stories and movies were about the war and some, gave a distraction away from the horrors of the times. The Maltese Falcon would be one of those.

Like the sets depicting the magical city of Cairo in the movie, you could with the theme of exotic fabrics with sequins for window treatments, oil like lamps set together for a chandelier and woven carpets for some middle eastern intricacies. Florida Tile’s Maltese collection has Palma Brown, Porto Cream and Roman Gray for those matching colors as well as textures. These three earthy colors are delivered in a smooth natural finish for the porcelain floor tiles and ceramic wall while decorative accents include an arabesque styled listello, M12 mosaic and full floor and wall bullnose package. Plus, this made from 40% recycled materials collection will keep your adventure alive for a long time to come!

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