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Florida Tile Marquis HDP

Florida Tile Marquis HDP

Since you are a crazy fan of marbles or Italians (since they are crazy fans of marbles), you can now have one of the most popular marble tiles in the industry from Florida Tiles, the Maquis HDP collection. Relive all your fancy of olden day Rome where marble walls, floors, ceilings and everything else was the norm. Those Romans in those days really did go crazy with these beautiful naturally occurring veined stones which was polished and sculpted into peaces of art objects. Even used as walls and floors, they were still pieces of art objects.

Now you can also be a marble crazed Roman and get something equally magnificent from Florida Tiles Maquis HDP collection. Live the aristrocratic and decadents lifestyle of those who may lived in the temples of Rome or even in the palaces of Corduba. Even the Gauls were not spared by this obsession as they too used marbles in their chateaus in latter day France.

Different size of tile cuts and mosaics are available under the Florida Tile Maquis HDP collection. The color spectrum offered are the stuff of legends, just take a look. Classic Rome is represented in the classic pearl white veining of Grey Breccia and Pompeii like nuances are shown under the Beige Breccia. Another desert inspired shades and spectrum where the Queen of Egypt may have approved is the Light Emperador and the Crema Marfill may have been on the inside of Caeser’s boudoir. The Carrara just reeks of high nose luxury that even the adjective “impressive” doesn’t cut it.

If you have the money to spend it, why be shy about it so make sure you spend it on a renovation project or just find a new place you want to use just to entertain your “special” guests. A place where marble and tiles that emulate marbles and luxury like the Maquis HDP is one of the grandest features.

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