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Florida Tile Metropolitan Quarry

Florida Tile Metrpolitan Quarry

Ever thought about opening a restaurant? Maybe you are looking for a surface to keep slips from happening in a high traffic area where there is a lot of water and what not? For the toughest areas, you need the toughest tile. Florida Tile Metropolitan Quarry is it. The face of each tile is lightly textured to help reduce slipping and create a safer walking surface. That’s one reason why Metropolitan Quarry tile is a go-to collection for successful restaurant designers across the nation. Put this tile in a commercial kitchen, and you’ll have a durable, slip-resistant surface that’s easy to clean and looks super stylish as well. Even if you don’t have a professional kitchen, maybe you want to cook like one with the safety these floors and ensure durability with color that extends through the body, increasing character and distinction as it ages. Metropolitan Quarry is an answer for those who have the most demanding spaces and Florida Tile treats this tile to ensure style and safety.

This ultra-durable quarry tile collection boasts a variety of versatile colors including Commercial Red, Mayflower Red, Puritan Gray, Gray Metro Tread, Red Metro Tread and Stone Gray. Two sizes, 8"X8" and 6"X6" are ideal for the floor and wall respectively. Please note that Gray metro Tread and Red Metro Tread are only available in 6x6 options. Safety, style and durability were all considered and economically came together in a desirable option for the commercial or just too cool for school with Metropolitan Quarry from Florida Tile.

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