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Florida Tile Mingle

Florida Tile Mingle Porcelain

Florida Tile Mingle Porcelain, yes it’s time to get hip. This cool cookie would smash itself if it ever managed to get a peek into your wardrobe. We apologize, we just presumed that your wardrobe was in the same state as your flooring and you are looking for new flooring after all. Either that or you just came to read our witty product descriptions on the website. Now we don’t profess to provide a new wardrobe with orders of the Mingle series by Florida Tile but we can predict that changes in the flooring department will cause changes in the wardrobe department. Just look at rick our salesman, those skinny fit orange jeans have worked wonders with the ladies, and yes, he went Florida Mingle six months ago. He does come into work with a rather large smile these days, maybe you should install the range in the bedroom, leave no stone unturned.

So allow us to tell you more, available in four sublime colors: Cool Summer Mix, Dry Steam, Soft Rock and Warm Winter Mix which explore the natural tones of various bedrocks delivering a simply stunning finish. Options for sizing, you can choose from: 12” x 24”, 18” x 18”” or 12” x 12”, you choose, you simply can’t lose.

Now your siblings may be able to borrow your clothes, now they are all hip and stylish but they can’t borrow your flooring. Good, because some things are simply too good to share. Hip to the hippity hippity hop, get fitting, this tile is a winner!

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