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Florida Tile Paramount

Florida Tile Paramount

Honed Marble and Travertine have to be some of the most gorgeous decorative options, especially for those southwestern sanctuaries or roman replicas in the making. Travertine and Marble feature layers and striations that are unrivaled by any others and veining that is dynamic and diverse, making it a sought-after sensation that is usually only obtainable by those with a big budget and at quite the cost to nature, until now that is. A paramount possibility is here with Paramount porcelain from Florida Tile, a high definition porcelain that is known for having the most fabulous of faux finishes in town. Transform your home or office, create stunning walls, backsplashes and baths or add culture and charm to offices and master bedrooms the same with a tile that is so dignified, daring and dreamy that it is perfect anywhere. Being a color body tile you can ensure it will stand up to the test of time and stay solidly stylish for all time, or at least all of the time that you have it.

Paramount’s Crest is the softest and offers a neutral foundation that is perfect for complimenting your current accouterments or adding a new dynamic of design. Empire is worth of having just that as the gray blue and cream play, stream and strike to create something so appealing and attractive that you will want to take it home and to work with you. Ultima is the ultimate in dimension and offers specific layers and real mineralized effects. Dreams of décor come true instantly with 18x18, 12x12, and 9z18 wall and floor tiles while decorative options open up doors. Mosaics in squares and bricks as well as inserts and listellos make Paramount a paramount choice for the poised perfection of honed marble you prefer. Paramount from Florida Tile is one of the finest facades on the market today and can be yours at an affordable price.

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