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Florida Tile Pristine

Florida Tile Pristine

The word pristine means that something is in its original form. This would mean that it is unaltered and al naturale, which is hard to come by in today’s day in age, especially when it comes to stone and marble flooring. A finish that is pristine is for those looking for a look that is clean and the fine people at Florida Tile have mastered a solution for just that in Pristine porcelain and ceramic wall and floor tiles. Sleek, chic and simple – that’s Pristine tile. This elegant collection from Florida Tile is a wonderful choice for homeowners and designers seeking to brighten up a space. Pristine tile pays homage to the subtle look of veined travertine, but the overall appearance is all its own. Enjoy unique greys and oranges that add essential elements of organic nature that are elegant and understated.

Colors include Alabaster and Classic Beige. Each hue is light, bright and airy, perfect for contemporary and classic settings alike. The Pristine line is available in sizes that include 18"X18" (floor tile), 9"X18" (floor/wall tile, insert, and deco insert), and 12"X12" (floor tile and 25-piece mosaic), along with a perfect variety of trim pieces. Considering your budget, the environment and the never ending search for something perfect and pure, along with a desire to spend more time enjoying your décor than caring for it, Pristine from Florida Tile is the perfect match for you. Pristine is a great choice for any room that offers lots of natural light, but it is also a great choice for brightening up darker spaces and basements.

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