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Florida Tile Renaissance

Florida Tile Renaissance

You are not like the typical homeowner or designer, you are seeking something of character, and you are someone with adoration for the essence of the Renaissance. Characterized by an interest in the antiquity of classical ways, many played an important role in this “rebirth” of the appropriate homage to the arts, the original and the authentic. As this time inspired some of the most fabulous of writers like Petrarch and Dante and Painters like Giotto, the master of a madrigal marvel of fashion will soon be you when you feast on the intricate, innate and intense beauty promised by the Renaissance porcelain and ceramic glazed tile collection from Florida Tile. Capturing the most precious essence of hones marble and the quintessential veining, striations and layered appearance that draw in, Renaissance is a rebirth of excellence and beauty in a simple flooring product that is affordable. Inspiration is abundant and choices diverse as this eco-friendly and cost effective option allows you to feel good about more than just your avant-garde originality come to life with Renaissance.

Go to the dark ages with Brun or capture the elegant inspiration of the city where the Renaissance began, Florence, with Crema or Grigio or capture the rich and vivid elements characteristic of the Roman empire with Noce. Regardless your ruler, rustic charm and cultured character are immediate with tiles that vary from 18x18, 10x13, 12x12 and 6x3 for expansive needs down to 25 piece Mosaics and a variety of listellos and Chair Rails, including luxurious and regal additions, Gold and Platinum Sistine. Elegant, inspiring and urbane, The Renaissance of your retreat is here with the Renaissance glazed porcelain and ceramic collection from Florida Tile.

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