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Florida Tile Taconic Slate

Florida Tile Taconic Slate

If tectonic is relating to the earth’s crust and it’s structure and the processes of massive proportions that take place within it, then the people at Florida Tile must have been thinking of the structure of your style and the momentous moments and marvels that align within it when creating the organically diverse tile with earthen elegance that is Taconic Slate. Of the most majestic mountains, colors collide and couture concoctions emerge with beauty and character of this charming slate interpretation that you will easily forget is a mere façade. Taconic Slate porcelain brings the clefted contour and soft striations all at a price that is affordable with porcelain that is more durable and easy to care for, meaning you have more time to enjoy your stunning slate like floors.

The color choices are rich and superb and deserve their own descriptions. Dark Rock is a cobalt and sand sensation that is absolutely enchanting and invites styles simple and striking. Gold Summit is more modest at first site but rich is rustic appeal with warm golden and toffee hues that flow together nicely for soft style. Green Valley is a muted marvel that is the perfect setting for a masterpiece or one all its own with rich earth tones and soft veining. Light Peak is a pearly pleasure that will reflect light that illuminates your current style and couture while adding instant elegance. Red Ridge will take you to the rich red rocks of Sedona and are an urbane answer for the urban designers seeking fashion forward fusions. 18x18, 12x12, 6x6 and 25 piece 12x12 mosaics combined with Decorative Inserts and Listellos that are etched and elegant with vertical appeal makes Taconic Slate a transformation of tectonic proportions brought to you by Florida Tile.

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