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Florida Tile Tides

Florida Tile Tides

Florida Tile Tides will have you walking on water in no time; the Messiah managed it so why can’t you? We here at Ecomoso must profess that we are speaking metaphorically and by no means wish for you to try walking on water, if you insist, prepare to get wet. Walking on water may best be left to Jesus, but we can offer you a mighty alternative that is a miracle in its own right. In the tile world there is a myth that senior salesman Rick from Florida Tile, one day, jumped in his dingy and sailed the seven seas. Upon his return he told stories of great sea monsters, humans with three heads and politicians that were noble. We were skeptical, but he convinced us by showing us this mystical range that he found from afar.

Available in five various schemes: Coconut Shell, Marine Fog, Sand Castle, Sea Salt, and Waters Edge, the collection that he showed us was simply astonishing. Dumbfounded and wanting to know more about these maritime wonders, we asked how he came across such pearls. It turned out that Rick’s explanation was a little on the weird side and he is currently seeing a therapist for an incident that happened in the South China Sea. After this, we didn’t want to ask any more questions but we were interested in how he managed to smuggle these delights back to civilization. It turns out that the 12” x 24” and the 12” x 12” Mosaic fitted perfectly in a container which he attached to his dingy. To this day, The Tides range by Florida tile has been an inspiration to homes and homeowners across the country.

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