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Florida Tile Time 2.0

Florida Tile Time 2.0

Humans are getting so gosh darn smart. Technology is advancing exponentially, and lucky for us, so is style. When both style and technology evolve together, truly beautiful things can happen, like the Time 2.0 collection by Florida Tiles.

We won’t bore you with the tech specs and in-house jargon because we know in this day and age we could all use a little more Time 2.0.

Here’s the techy breakdown in layman’s terms: there is a wide range of tones – nine to be exact – that act as the base for the next layer of interest. The top of the base color is then decorated with slightly contrasting shades that simultaneously correspond to the base tone and contrast with it. This uniquely complicated process results in a simple play on color that makes the tile a real, standout star. We all know time is on no one’s side, so Florida Tile has flown with the current trend of earthy neutral tones and pared the color palette down to fewer than 20 surprising and beautiful shades of awesome for their Time 2.0 collection.

The Florida Tile company is also aware of the modern desire for options upon options. So for those connoisseurs who can’t seem to find exactly what they’re looking for in the series of single shades, they have created an entire line of decorative mosaics and trim tiles. These are available in standard M12 sizes as well as an over-the-top 12x24 inch RSP tile that combines both colors and textures to create three additional and exceptional designs. To top off the perks, Time 2.0 is Porcelain Tile and Greenguard certified and flexible enough in its composition and durability to be suitable for all commercial and residential floor, wall and countertop applications.

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