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Florida Tile Urbanite

Florida Tile Urbanite

If Travertine had a trust-fund baby this would be it. You may wonder what would warrant such a statement and it is really accurate. Where can you find all of the innate elegance that is a guarantee of the honed beauty of the marble marvel Travertine but with a futuristic fusion twist that will set you apart from every other style in every way, stellar and sophisticated like never before? Right here with Urbanite. Florida Tile pulled out all the stops and threw in the big bucks on brilliance for bringing the best of technology, nature and fashion forward design together whilst considering the consumer and the environment to create Urbanite. New patented design that creates the smoothness of real polished marble to through body porcelain with SILK, the final dry application of quartziferous silico which is a compound Florida Tile exclusively uses to create the captivating effects achieved by Urbanite. To obtain the rich and fresh color schemes Florida Tile mixed colored atomized powder which is yet another patented technology that makes Urbanite and it’s transparency of decoration that resonates throughout the body a tenacious choice for art-deco aficionados.

Float into the galaxy with the indulgent Carbon or delve into rich and vibrant red browns with Clay. Concrete is a smoky sensation that is earthen and urban at the same time while Gild is as classic as it may come and will add warmth to any room or office. Perfect for any space, stone is neutral with subtle nuances that make it distinct and perfect for just about any décor or motif. Get more from your designs with Urbanite’s expansive 24x24 that showcases the dimensions and details of these gorgeous through body porcelain tiles from Florida Tile. 12x24, 18x18, 12x12 and 8x24 allows for diversity of design and rectified options make seamless style a possibility. 64 piece 12x12 Mosaics are sparkling sensations though no gloss is necessary and Listellos with staggered settings in 6x18 are perfect for finishing flair. More listellos contribute further dimension to the Urbanite collection, making Florida Tile’s precious new perfection of through body porcelain and color innovation a perfect choice for you.

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