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Florida Tile Vitra Art Mosaics

Florida Tile Vitra Art Mosaics

Mosaic tile has been used almost since the beginning of time to add splashes of both sophistication and fun to the spaces that need it the most. That said, in times past, these gorgeous elements of design have not always been available to the general public; kings, queens, magistrates, and emperor types were really the only ones who had the access. Well, thank goodness that the times have changes, and thank goodness for the Florida Tile Vitra Art Mosaic collection. With this beautiful collection, consumers will be thrilled to find that the amount of variation and movement found within every perfectly sized piece. Perfect for any type of application, whether a space needs an infusion of Old World style or up to the minute class, mosaic tile, specifically Florida Tile Vitra Art Mosaic, is a flawless way to go. Available in twenty four stunning colorways, this collection stretches in color from Iridized White, a marbleized white, to Blue and Green, both of which are wonderfully inflected with wisps of color. Additionally, all mosaics come in a traditional mesh mounted format (on twelve inch by twelve inch sheets), and each individual tile is a perfect ¾” x ¾” size. Also, Florida Tile Vitra Art Mosaic glass tiles can be used for backsplashes in both residential and commercial settings, indoors and out, as well as residential floors. Then, last but not least, glass mosaic tiles are a perfect choice for spaces where there is a need for stain, water, and chemical resistance. Truly, all in all, Florida Tile Vitra Art Mosaic is a perfect choice for every project.

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