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Gemwoods California Classics Collection

Gemwoods California Classics Collection

Wax up your boogie board and get out the suntan oil! You are about to get far out with the California Classics Collection from Gemwoods flooring! Even if you live in central Dullsville and the Midwestern snow drifts still haven’t melted from your driveway in June, you can live with all the luxury of a stuck up movie executive’s only daughter shopping on Rodeo Drive! It’s as simple as following your dreams to the floor that is right for you!

All the boards in this collection have a hand scraped finish that further enhances the natural beauty of wood flooring. You will love the stately 6” wide planks in the following finishes: the dark, almost teak look of Malibu, the medium dark brown of Palm Springs, the reddish-tawny color of Rancho Santa Fe, or the rich nut browns of San Diego and Santa Barbara. For more variety of plank width, the following choices come in 4”, 5”, and 6” widths: the thoroughbred bay beauty of Montecito, the warm auburn glow of Palos Verdes, the golden sun-kissed planks of Pasadena, and the deep, chestnut burnished Santa Monica.

This isn’t a passing fad like wearing UGG’s in the winter, or like Tom Cruise getting married again. The California Classics Collection has a tasteful beauty that will outlast every Hollywood trend a billion times over! These flooring planks typically ships in 2-5 days, so place your order today and let a little bit of the Sunshine State come into your home for years to come!