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Gemwoods Mediterranean Collection

Gemwoods Mediterranean Hardwood Collection

If your wish is for antique hardwood flooring, but there's none hiding under that outdated rug, this is your solution. The Gemwoods Mediterranean Collection offers a rebirth of oil-treated Mediterranean floors with its luxurious brushed and aged French Oak hardwood flooring. It's double smoked, brushed, with hand distressed edges and ends, and hand stained. How alluring is that? Just makes you want to tell everyone what exactly went in to making your one of a kind hardwood planks and how brilliant you are for buying them.

Let me explain the process a little more so you know what you're going to be bragging about. First, artisans begin a meticulous process by hand-selecting fine French Oak that's been milled into precise planks of 8-inches wide and six-feet (72") in length. Then begins an unprecedented, signature double smoking technique that is used to age the natural oak grain, locking in 14 heirloom-caliber colors in a super matte finish. The surfaces of each plank are then lightly scraped, and edges and ends are carefully hand-carved. Voila! Brag worthy engineering and artistry for your home. Your home design street credit just shot up 110%.

Take this timeless, rich flooring room to room, wall to wall, never stop. You'll start with a bedroom or den and realize you cannot live without this flooring in every room of your home. You certainly have enough color choices in this collection to support your habit. Go for it, you won't regret it. And what's more: you deserve it too.