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Gemwoods Southwest Collection

Gemwoods Southwest Collection

The Gemwoods Southwest hardwood flooring collection features an assortment of robust and handsome 5” wide hand scraped planks that give character to hour home, and not in meth lab trailer trash sort of way! I’m talking upstanding, hard working, old-fashioned character. This is a floor that says you’ve earned this luxury because you were willing to do what it took to get here. Welcome home to a floor that is as classic a part of the American Dream as you are!

No need for thinking it’s all about fringed leather dusters and tumbleweeds blowing through the dusty mesas. This Southwest collection is about refined beauty that hasn’t lost it’s rugged soul. Check out all eight looks! Berryessa has a fabulous chestnut brown to it, while Candlelight has a honeyed luminous glow that you will fall in love with. Indigo is a deep brown that is as dark as the desert sky at night. Mertenzia has the richness of ebony wood. Mocha is as dark and strong as a cowboy’s coffee. Sienna is a tan that most leathers would only dream of achieving, and Wisteria has a steadfast wood grain that will always impress!

Whichever one of the Gemwoods Southwest hardwood floor choices you end up going with, you really can’t go wrong! Rest assured, once you ponder your options and arrive at your perfect selection, you would receive the fastest shipping possible. Go ahead and place your order now so that you can live with your new, hearty, hardwood flooring as soon as possible.