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Grespania Tile

Grespania Tile

For anyone hoping to find a balance between whimsy and class, we are pleased to introduce you to the inimitable Spanish Grespania brand. No matter their working medium -- whether it be ceramic in the Canaima series or the porcelain Magma series – the Spanish guapos at Grespania have had much more time than the Americanos to perfect the balance of fun and function, looks and utility. Sure, America is the master of buffet palaces, country western music, and innovative fitness techniques, but over the Atlantic they’ve been doing work for a bit longer than we have so they have the time on their hands to focus on more boring prospects like tiles. So let’s give this one to ‘em – as long as they give them to us. They have mastered the art of taking durable, manmade materials and making them look like their naturally occurring counterparts without the fallibility that the nature aspect adds to the mix. The Canaima series perfectly mimics a wide variety of arboreal species without chopping down any more of our precious trees, replicating the look of the sequoia, cedar and even bamboo. The Magma Glazed Porcelain series replicates the look of three types of solidified volcanic magma, each beautiful, mysterious and uniquely tinted.

It takes hundreds of years to master the effortless look of utilizing natural elements in an interior design that looks cohesive. In between siestas and conquering far away lands, Grespania has managed to create collection after collection of these muted and elegant tiles that would seem right at home in the lobby of an old estate home or a solar-powered summer cottage. Take your interior style up a few notches when you lay Grespania tiles in your hallowed halls or accentuate the walls of any space in your home that could use a boost of personality and class.