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Happy Floors Monaco

Happy Floors Monaco

Happy Floors Monaco, an apt name for a vivacious tile that oozes class. Many of us never come close to visiting Monaco. Mainly because it is nestled on the southern tip of France and us Americans never like to wander quite that far but also because it is a place for royals and red carpet dwellers and Suze Orman would never allow it. It’s a good job happy floors has come up with a master plan, they took all that is glamorous and fabulous of Monaco and squeezed it into a tile-size serving of goodness that allows us homeowners to experience it like we are there.

Classy, warm and inviting this tile knows how to please. Normally accustomed to aristocracy this tile has lowered it standards to accommodate the average Joe Bloggs and help them fulfill their suburban American dream. Available in three traditional blends: Beige, Bianco and Grigio, they turn homes into palaces from the floor up. Lay these wondrous floor tiles down and you will have no problem in finding the perfect fittings and fixtures to complete the room of your dreams. Be warned you may end up getting carried away and spending far too much on the furniture that follows, just remember, you aren't really a princess from Monaco.

12” x 24” or 18” x 18” are the traditional sizing options that are available, but the series is also available in a beautiful mosaic and in 3” x 18” bullnose. All you need to do is fine the right blend that matches your princess like aspirations. Then feel free to bask in the glory of the French Riviera sipping a warm Burgundy and wishing you were playing baccarat with a Count in a land far away.