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Happy Floors Venezia

Happy Floors Venezia Rectified Porcelain

Venezia Rectified Porcelain Tile by Bellavita Tile brings all of the history, romance, and style of the Italian city of love to any space . Ah, Venice. All year round a city that appeals to the senses: romantic, vibrant, charming and classy. The Venezia range takes the city of Venice, crushes it into one easy tile serving of glorious elegance and delivers it into your home for a more than fair price even after exchanging Euro for US dollars. You thought that your life had slipped into a mundane ordinary nothingness. Then one day Venice came to town to play. Life has never been the same since.

Ivory, Beige or Silver; three simple colors that epitomize the essence of Venice in a nutshell. Simple yet they speak volumes. Classy no matter what awful table you decide to place on top of them. Versatile due to their subtleness and a great base for all the fittings and fixtures that will follow.

Ideal for all rooms in the house or work space. Your bathtub will become your gondola, your living room will become your art gallery and who knows, and you may even start to spend some time in the kitchen. Stanger things have happened. If you are not sure how the final design of your house will look, the Venezia range by Bellavita will give it that much needed starting point. Alternately, it can be that last piece of the jigsaw.

Available in a multitude of sizes: 6” x 24”, 12 x 24”, 20” x 20”, natural or semi-polished and 1”x 1” or 2” x 2” mosaic. This tile can offer so much in so many different ways. It is about time a subdued American Neighborhood went through a renaissance. Bring the Venezia collection into your home though Venice has been around for ages there is no time like the present.