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Hirsch Glass Allure

Hirsch Glass Allure

The Hirsch Glass Corp. has capitalized on our never ending love affair with the elements of nature in their latest Allure glass tile series. For people who believe form and function never need to be exclusive of each other, Hirsh glass tiles are always functional -- they’re durable and easy to clean and maintain – and they are also beautiful. The Allure series consists of eight blends that could easily function as a room’s only art. Such standout pieces are difficult to overpower, but you may well find yourself so taken with the earthy color palette and smooth mosaic shapes that you forget Juan Pablo Galavis is on the Bachelor tonight and that you’ve already eaten one dessert. As much as we love our mani-pedi parties and our Soul Cycle time trials, there’s something innately alluring about nature and the elements that makes us all weepy and uncharacteristically philosophical. The glass Allure series is like the first pile of autumn leaves crunched beneath your boots on the morning you realize Starbucks is offering their infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte once again for a few glorious months.

The Allure series does you one better: it is offered year round and is enjoyable for longer than ten minutes. Taking inspiration from Earth, Water, and Fire each of the eight mosaic blends available utilizes a gentle, muted combination of these earthly hues. From the light green grass of early spring to the stormy gray of a December morning sky, you can walk around on glass, barefoot in all seasons with Allure glass.

Isn’t there something alluring about completing two tasks in one? If you need tiles and you need help decorating then, the Allure tiles are the answer – the sole stop – the one and only. Hirsch has mastered art glass so you can get back to the Bachelor.