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Hirsch Glass Blended Ice

Hirsch Glass Blended Ice

You won’t have to worry about whether or not you’re cool anymore with the Hirsch Glass Blended Ice series. Too cool for school, this mosaic glass tile series is made up of 16 widely varying colors and both warm and cool tones. Mixing textures, patterns and finishes even within a single tile, the Blended Ice series ensures that you and your home are not only cool, but also interesting. We all know in this day and age it is difficult to keep anyone’s attention for more than a minute. It can be difficult to go to the bathroom without music and something to read and we won’t even get started on OkCupid. The Blended Ice series uses characteristics that have been and will continue to be popular long after this season’s trendiest trends. Timeless beauty is the only kind you should want in your home. Especially with the strength and durability you can count on in the Blended Ice series.

Glass is strong, requires little maintenance for cleaning, and isn’t porous so it won’t retain dirt and grime. All these factors make for a lasting piece of art for your space and for your peace of mind. Although this generation is programmed to think otherwise, investing in these tiles is an investment in a worthy and lasting relationship. Friends and lovers may come and go with the tides, but the Blended Ice tiles will outlast your gel nails, Kimye’s wedding and possibly even the Paleo diet trend. Each mosaic is a 12 1/2" x 12 tile made up of satisfying 1x1 inch cubes of various colors that will enliven your space faster than an ipod dock after a bottle of bubbly. With the perfect combination of Hirsch’s JewelStone art glass, in various colors and finishes, this cool Blended Ice series offers a unique variation of color, swirl and shade that is characteristic of all the best art glass products.