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Hirsch Glass Earth & Art

Hirsch Glass Earth & Art

Since we can’t logistically put food on the walls, the next best combination of lovely things, Earth and Art, have been mashed into a gorgeous art glass series by Hirsch. Unless you’ve been living off the grid in South America somewhere for the last decade, you’ve had the privilege of getting visually sucked into some high definition nature documentary about life or Earth or the cosmos. At some point all the footage gets pixelated and magically turned into a collage of some other great and gorgeous natural being while David Attenborough lulls you into a false sense of oneness with the world. If you’re following me so far then let me say that the Earth and Art series is like a functional and tactile version of nature’s collage.

With 20 mosaics in slightly different shades of natural earth tones, each tile imbues a sense of zen calmness and serenity that only comes when we commune with nature. These tiles make you feel good, man. All golds and tawny and shades of brown that should have names like toasted almond, cappuccino and silvery sienna. Streaks of electric red cut through some tiles, iridescent opalescent creamy pales break up muted nude tones, and all of it would look even more mesmerizing after a glass of wine. Strong like the Earth’s elements, these tiles will keep your gaze for days. They add an air of sophistication to any space, and since each tile is made up of the perfect combination of our JewelStone art glass in various colors and finishes, they also add a level of intrigue when they act as pieces of art in themselves. Forget the poster fair next weekend. Do not frame those old high school photos. Just use Earth & Art glass tiles in your home and you’ll never have to half-watch Planet Earth again.