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Hirsch Glass Gemstone

Hirsch Glass Gemstone

The Hirsch Glass Geo series is a pleasing combination of colors and textures inspired by nature’s color palette with a twist: very geometric patterns and mosaics that we rarely see. This combination of nature and human innovation combines the best of two worlds that are just now learning how to get along. The color palette along with the unique variation of color, swirl and shade lend themselves to a soothing air usually reserved for a spa or desert detox center. The graphic angles of the cubes and mosaics juxtapose the natural elements in such a way that they elevate the overall look. People may believe you’ve really got your life together if you use these tiles, and they will definitely have more faith in your sense of style. No one can dispute the universal appeal of the Geo series.

With the perfect combination of Hirsch’s JewelStone art glass in various natural colors and finishes, this warm and earthy Geo series offers not just function but also glorious aesthetics that are characteristic of all the best art glass products. Prettier even than that glass bong you were so proud of in high school, each of the Geo glass tiles is so mesmerizing you may wish you still had that trusty glass pipe for your morning shower or cup of coffee. From pearly whites to vibrant turquoise and shamrock green, the Geo series covers the spectrum of warm tones, cool tones and the shades of all four seasons. Without the stark geometric shapes to balance out the earthy tones throughout the series it could comes across as hippy and too free flowing, but the balance created by the colors and the shapes will hypnotize even the adults in the room. Who knew colors and shapes could make you feel so many good feels?