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Hirsch Glass Jewelstone

Hirsch Glass Jewelstone

Don’t you just wish the Jewel of the Nile was a real story and it was concoted by a writer with a writer’s block who was inspired sitting in a multi colored room mosaiced with something like Hirsch Glass’s Jewelstone? It would have been a very romantic story which was the story behind a romantic film. Michael Douglas instead of running after what he thought was an authentic precious stone is chasing a glass colored tile cuts. It would have been hilarious indeed.

Although, there is nothing hilarious about the sparkle of the glass mosaic tile of Hirsch’s Jewelstone collection, presented here in many different color spectrum. When you look at the greens, the browns, the orange, the reds and the blues of the Jewelstone collection, only one thing comes to your mind. That is the inspiration for stained glass like apparitions to grace your home or your business establishment.

Countertops, edges, walls and other areas would look incredibly glamorous in one shot once your mount these babies on. With names like Tanzanite, Zircon, Neon Apatite, London Blue Topaz, Carnelian, Jasper and Ammolite amongst others, Hirsch’s Jewelstone has something for any multiple color appreciating designer who is afraid to use his magic wand.

Match your Jewelstone mosaic tile decorative artwork with little things like faux Tiffany lamps, intricately made Mexicana rugs, patchwork comforters and solid colored sofas and comfy chairs. Chandeliers would go well with this style and just to make it look completely delicious, go for clear, crystal glass light covers blown into blooms.

Other porcelain topped furniture like coffee or dining tables will not do badly in a room splashed with the Jewelstone mosaic tiles. If you are considering it for a place where people like to spend time eating and having a good time, consider soft lighting to bring out the romance in these mosaics’ colors which even Michael Douglas might find approving.