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Hirsch Glass Linea

Hirsch Glass Linea

Take a step out of this world with Hirsch Glass Lenia collection and you may not come down at all. The art of assembling small pieces of colored glass or stoneware has been taken to a whole new level with the Lenia collection. We are talking about a universal level, a planetary level and unimaginable level. If you had been looking something completely different and unique to be some star features in your home or your business establishment, Hirsch Glass’s Linea would be the “it” factor.

Browse through the warm tones of Linea Future Earth, Linea Atmospheric, Linea Zenith Force and Linea Solar Eclipse. These warm colors would be perfect for those areas where you feel there is a need for some friendliness, some calm and tranquillity going on most times. Your office space doesn’t need to be old fashion with wooden shelves and cabinetry as a whole.

Some working office spaces where you might see clients like a doctor’s waiting area or a place where counselling takes place, may need these soothing colors to calm some frayed nerves. Of course some tablets and coffee will help too together with aesthetics but we leave that to your discretion.

If you have decided to always stay up there in the sky with your disco lights forever on, then try to pick one Hirsch Glass Linea’s hot and swinging colors. These come sin the form of garish orange reds like in the Linea Hot Planet, Linea Cool Heat in turquoise, Linea Ultraviolet and Linea Vapor Flash. If you had an office near a touristy beach area, these are the kind of mosaics that will help you sell your wares.

Some neutrality is available in this collection in the form of Linea Twilight, Linea Volcanic Ash, Linea Arctic Chill and Linea Magnetic Fields. Use the magnetic charms of these magnetic colors to pull those repeat customers.