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Hirsch Glass Liuli

Hirsch Glass Liuli

A bold new artistic world of wonder which you thought you never had is possible with this particular Hirsch Glass collection of Liuli. If you had ever dabbled with drawing, painting, coloring and watercolors, you may recognize the swirling patterns waving on these tiles.

Hirsch Glass has captured the look of dropped wet paint in water in the Liuli collection perfectly that you may have to touch it a few times to see it is not the real thing. If you would like to set up distinctive looking rooms where it seems like things are always moving, this is the choice tile for you. The texture that is captured in these unique colors here are somewhere in between the ring pattern trees make, to the swirls of smoke rising up in the air to the mesh of crumpled cloth.

Two of the pieces under the Hirsch Glass Liuli collection is designed to capture some warm browns, beiges and reds. If you want to keep the chaos down in this chaotic pattern, choose this for rooms with tulle inspired materials with sequins and counters with colored mosaic glass tops. Designing a retro style with these tiles in mind is not such a bad either either. Think lava lamps and beads.

There are some swirling green and swirling blue tiles which are also offered under the Liuli. These are reminders of those 70s retro outfit with bold prints the Warhol Factory girls used to wear and swing to. Think about having some tubular chrome or polished steel pieces of furniture to add to your look. Bean bags are also a great addition. Retro style interiors have lots of big pattern so mix and match fabrics i.e. upholstery to sofas, scatter cushions and curtains. It is daring to have lots of pattern in one room but you can combine them as long as you link in tones so that your design look tasteful.