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Hirsch Glass Murano Vena

Hirsch Glass Murano Vena

You might actually have a stroke when you look at the color brilliance available under the Hirsch Glass Murana Vena collection we kid you not! Just this one stop at the Murana Vena’s page might put a stop to all the high and low searching for the one (or maybe two) brilliantly designed mosaic pieces you need in your home.

It is true that mosaic glass is one of the most popular commodity in housing materials and there are so many different kinds out there. The range is unbelievably wide but they are not always unbelievably great. Make sure you stay away from the dull looking ones if you are planning a home that is going to be filled with lots of bright, cheerful colors.

Bright, cheerful colors are what is being offered here under the Hirsch Glass Murava Vena is a very spread out way. Let’s start with the brightest of the bright. We assume you are toying with the idea of having rich colored furniture and draperies so you would want to match them with Murava Vena’s Souffle Random (yellow), Red Violet Random (red), Poise Random ( turquoise and reds), Portrait Pink Random ( pink mixed), Drama Random (all mixed), Wild Orchid Random (magenta mixed), Diva Random (blues and greys), Deep Truth (mostly maroons) and Fierce (bright orange mixed with blacks).

If you are looking for more cooling shades of grey, greens and blues then try the Cherish, Infamous, Subline, Top Notch, Charisma, Paramount and Eager. These are really wonderful as kitchen backsplashes when you want to have some solid cabinetry with whites, greys, lights and beige. Metallic edges would also work well here and you would want to have ladle hanging areas on the surface of this wall. So chic looking!

Alright now be totally boring and pick one of these dull colors to keep all your crazy out. Under the Hirsch Glass Murana Vena’s collection, that would be Delicate, Dynamic, Socialite, Vex, Debutant, Bygone, Continental, Lavish, Cherish, Fabulous and Collective Soul. Take the easy way out to match your existing boring furniture and curtain colours by choosing these virginal shades.