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Hirsch Glass Opulence

Hirsch Glass Opulence

Opulence doesn’t usually relate to things you would like to install on your walls but in this case, Hirsch Glass Opulence collection might just do the trick. Some people are resistant to opulence on their selves and their bodies. They think it’s raunchy and gaudy while provoking. But the same kind of people may be drawn to opulence as an extension of themselves in other parts, like their homes or business. Imagine a briefcase toting lawyer with a thousand dollar suit welcoming you at a reception where grandiose is the word.

Hirsch Glass’s Opulence could just be the kind of grandiose a dull office needs. In this day and age, not even a crazy person sitting in a lawyer’s office would be attracted to any kind of good feeling in a grey, ashen looking office. To avoid unnecessary situations from arising, you would already diffuse it with attractive looking environment that welcomes happy feelings. We offer that here with Hirsch Glass’s Opulence.

Get a round of applause from all the crazy people (not withstanding your own family) with the marvel of Opulence’s Lavish and Irresistible. These opulent looking mosaics would be a wonderful backdrop behind our receptionist counter’s wall. Imagine, someone with not sound of mind walking in and that is the first color, shade and texture they see. Nothing dull and unhappy, just rich and bright like all their wantings will be fulfilled.

Opulence’s Desirable, Luxurious and Decadence are wonderful friends to walk someone down the hall. Forget about plain tiles on gangways and halls leading to rooms and chambers. Imagine having happy, cheerful and colourful walls that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t mean business. Who said business cannot be mixed with pleasure in very subtle ways?

Neutrality will take sides with Opulence’s Elegant, Enchanting and Sumptuous. These mosaic glass arrangements are pretty easy to pair with serious looking Roman shades and rolling window shades, totally suitable for offices. If the one crazy thing you need to bring some normalcy back into your dull office, change some of your background with raunchy glass mosaics from the Opulence collection.