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Hirsch Glass Raw Elegance

Hirsch Glass Raw Elegance

If raw and elegance would come together perfectly in one situation it could only be with Hirsch Glass Raw Elegance glass tile collection. Over here you can see the charming elegance of marble is put together with an intensity which is as raw as the human talent itself. Marble was a preferred choice when it came to sculpting some of the best pieces of art in history. This was achieved all over the world from across culture to culture. The Italians revelled in it and the Chinese utilized it cleverly.

Hirsch Glass obviously inspired by this rawness and elegance had created a collection that would be in the same class as those olden day workmanship with the Raw Elegance. Veining and swirling which is unsurpassed in look is achieved in sizes that come in 4x8, 4x16 and 4x24. Staying true to originality in looks are the Exquisite and Daring in the Raw Elegance collection. Take a ride into the classy elegance of Romanesque charm with these glass tiles for the needs of a classy, upper class like living room.

Hirsch Glass also wanted to capture some color in these marble like glass tiles to give it a contemporary look. Enter Radiant, Audacious and Ravishing. As their names suggests, these glass tiles under the Raw Elegance indeed give an exciting feeling of being radiated, ravished and being audacious all at the same time. Proceed with caution in this case because having something like these in your bedroom might cause the earth to shale and your prized items to clatter with excitement.

The Dazzling glass tile offered under the Raw Elegance is a reminiscent of caricature drawing colors of Leonardo himself. Swirling in a mist of grey shaded and lines by black ink, this glass tile is perfect for those areas where you are not sure yet what you would like to fill with. A room is what you make of it. You may get three rooms in a house but you may not want to use what is deemed as the main room as your bedroom after all. You may want to take the room with more sunlight as your preferred room. These are the kind of rooms you can first fill with neutral but rich visuals before you fill it with your own small touches.