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Hirsch Glass Silhouette

Hirsch Glass Silhouette

There is nothing shadowy about the Hirsch Glass’s Silhouette collection so it is a conundrum why it was named as such. Bright colors with lovingly shapes mosaic tile glass is all what is seen here, something which will make any heart sing. If bright is what you are looking for then this is the right place for you. Under the brilliant sky of Hirsch Glass’s Silhouette collection.

If you had something like the Silhouette installed in your living spaces, we think you might want to sing and pain all day and that is not such a bad thing. There is enough shadows and silhouettes in this world to make a grown man cry but all those can be left outside once you enter the home of Hirsch Glass Silhouette.

Silhouette offers stained glass like quality pieces under Splendid, Inspiration, Impeccable, Precious and Glam. Kitchen backsplashes could use some these splendid looking inspired impeccable walls indeed. Your living room won’t fare as lovely if you are not inspired to choose Flawless, Daring & Demure, Urban Streets, Candlelight, Understated and Tango. There will be some tango going on when the Tango comes into your living room, there is no question about it. Those bright, precious mixed colors would not only set the mood but inspire it as well even in the dullest of minds.

Unrefined, Composure, Reallism, Private Viewing, Photo Finish and Perfect Canvas is what you need for some light refreshments on your walls. These warm colors are welcoming and gives dignity to what used to be muffled walls. As we all know walls do speak with certain color treatments. Blues, turquoise and subtle greens are captured brilliantly under Smash, Violet Fire, Charming, Liberated, Scandal, Notoriety and Make a Statement. These colours would surely make a statement in any room lucky enough to have them.

Hirsch Glass’s Silhouette has some greys and ashes set in New Spirit and Image Maker. When the cool tones of winter is what soothes your nerves but you would still like to have some shape and texture going on, take this and make it yours. Easily matched with many other colors and texture according to what you want are these glass tiles.