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Hirsch Glass Sophisticated Funk

Hirsch Glass Sophisticated Funk

Let’s put the funk back into your life with Hirsch Glass’s Sophisticated Funk collection. Remember those times when Earth, Wind and Fire and Kool & The Gang were the coolest bands on earth? Those times are brought back again with these sophisticated but funky tiles for those funky times to groove in your home again. Time to take out the mirror ball and make it into a fashion statement baby!

Hirsch Glass Sophisticated Funk offers no colours, veining or texture but just the simple, plain, classy elegance of minimalism. Six different glass tiles offer white, grey, black, tobacco, muted brown and ashen colors to satisfy the simple man or woman’s taste. These are not dull colors, these are shades you can set as the base to lift up other items in your possession. If you have been stuck with a rich, red velvet sofa someone had given as a gift for your second wedding, now is the time to use that monstrosity in a room decorated with the simple Hirsch Glass Sophisticated Funk’s Passionate, Refined or White Polished.

Classy woven rugs acquired from long distance travelling in the eastern regions would like quite the fashion if you want to install Sophisticated Funk’s Cosmopolitan or Suave. Very light tobacco brown chiffon curtains with silver sequins could be the theme of a living room paired together with the rugs mentioned above.

The Sophisticated Funk’s Soulful on the other hand is soulful enough to match cotton and wood textures bringing back traditional but in a funky way. Use the term “psychedelic” as your aspiration when you are thinking of a funky decoration idea. What could be more psychedelic than art? Think about acquiring some artwork which will be the post contemporary representation of the retro psychedelic era. Morphing subjects, collages, kaleidoscope, fractals and paisleys are all features of a classic psychedelic artwork you can have flowing on the walls.