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Hirsch Glass Sparkle

Hirsch Glass Sparkle

Long time ago, you may have lost the sparkle in your eyes but now, you can put it back again in your eyes and life with Hirsch Glass’s Sparkle mosaic tile collection. Even if you haven’t really lost the sparkle yet, you can upgrade whatever you have with this jewel like pieces enchanting your home.

It’s not hard to work for an enchanting design to suit an enchanting house. Think about having a very unique theme that includes indoor plants, fountains and a very Lord of the Rings like theme. This enchanting theme can start with a cottage in the woods like interior and become a storybook house that's all about escape from reality. What could be more suitable of an idea to have Hirsch Glass’s Sparkle mosaic tiles part of that idea?

Conjure up the magical fairy tale house of every child's imagination with Sparkle collection’s Imperial, Majesty, Palace or Elite. This could be a vacation home in the mountains, which sits on a peninsula beside a lake. It is exactly the sort of place you expect to find in the pages of that famous Tolkien’s book.

Create interiors which are all about showing character and an aged feeling while it looks as if though it had been existing forever with a lot of old timbers including reclaimed wood from old barn. Excellent choice! Your walls can easily accommodate mosaic tiles which has tones of sparkling mixed colors like in Hirsch Glass’s Sparkle Treasure, Royalty and High Tea taking on the summer in the woods look.

Throw in some stained wood in a rich, warm shade and mixed that up with Sparkle’s Jewel, Contesa and Heirloom right next you’re your miniature fountains to attain the winter in the woods look instead. Very soft table lamps sitting in jar like sculptures can give the rooms a permanently lit by firelight visuals while at the same time giving parts of the ceiling a charred look. Go ahead and grow some moss in your kitchen to make the look complete.