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Hirsch Glass Tiffany

Hirsch Glass Tiffany

No breakfast at Tiffany’s doesn’t mean you cannot have breakfast in a Hirsch Glass Tiffany’s decorated dining hall. Hirsch Glass’ Tiffany glass tile collection is a visual tribute to a couple who captured the classic love story that everyone wants to be in. in your case, this classic love story can be between human and glass tile. We all become so in love with material things all the time in our lives and with the Tiffany collection, it happens all the time.

You have thinking about creating that loving feeling in one room of your house. There only a few rooms in your home that can be very personal and the dining room is one of them. Your dining room should be the epitome of classic beauty if a lot of love is to be passed around there. Bring your family closer everyday during those intimate dinner times in a jewel bedecked dining room. Hirsch Glass’ Tiffanny offers to die for color spectrum where a play with correct lighting will create some of the most romantic atmospheres in your own home.

Stunning reds, pinks and browns are laid and swirled under Tiffany’s Haute, Bloom, Tantalizing and Stylish. These colors are so easy to be matched with rich, mahogany dining tables, very stylish looking English branded dinnerware, crystal champagne flutes from Wedgewood and cutlery from Williams Sonoma. If you had a window, you would want to spend some money on tulle like red fabrics with crystals embedded in them for that perfect romantic look on special occasions. You are allowed to adorn a dress emulating Ms, Hepburn at dinners here.

Tiffany’s Baroque, Fate, Eternity and Majestic all carry burgundy, tan, sandalwood and fashionable brown colors in them. For this dining room, you can opt to choose contemporary styled furniture and fittings. Square shaped hanging lights, minimalistic artwork and simple dinnerware would look in place here.

For a dining room where everything can be out in the open because it’s just bright, use Tiffany’s Silk, Richness and Smolder in cry, ashen colors. Again stick with contemporary ideas where simple and basic will do well here.