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Hirsch Glass

Hirsch Glass

Love 'Great Gatsby,' gilded-age, or art deco styles? Hirsch Glass is sure to please with all of the glory of turn-of-the-century looks and bold, reckless colors. The Hirsch Glass Corporation has finally created tiles for the lucky few of us who are more comfortable standing apart from the crowd than blending in. For every student who volunteered to read their poem before they had to be called on, and for every guest at the party who dared to mix patterns or don whimsical socks, these Hirsch tiles are the answer to your tiling prayers. No need to compromise with Hirsch: just because you want your walls and your floors to make a statement does not mean you need to sacrifice elegance or function. Each of these visually stunning series are not only beautiful, but they are also durable and worthy investments in the future of your home. If you had the choice to wake up every morning to a flurry of color or a sea of beige and you would choose the seas of beige, then gaze for a moment on the Earth & Art Offset series or the Linea tiles.

Look just long enough to snap out of it! By then you should have cleared your head of all the boring, so you can appreciate the bold colors and abstract and geometric patterns that adorn the Hirsch glass tiles. Inspiration and uplifting, Not sure what kind of message you want to send? Let the names of the series guide you: like a Buzzfeed quiz, you can ascertain whether you crave a bit of Sophisticated Funk, a busy mosaic of goldenrod yellow and stormy sky-blue -- or perhaps some gold and purple Raw Elegance would float your boat. Whichever path you choose, that path will be the kind of gorgeous that makes even the best of friends jealous, and you can rest assured that the glass is strong enough to weather any storm or sole.