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Imola Ceramica Antares Tile

Imola Ceramica Antares

If you can’t even seem to get your toddlers to take you seriously, we may have found a product that will get you a few steps closer to formidable – if only within the bounds of your own home: Imola Ceramica’s Antares series means serious business. No way you’ll get laughed out of the room if that room is lined with this chic Italian glazed porcelain stoneware tile series. Even if you’ve chosen a mismatched outfit for the day and you manage to trip over your own feet and you’ve still got bedhead in the back on one side but you couldn’t see it in the mirror. Even if you’ve still got some food in your teeth and you can feel it but you can’t see it and the floss couldn’t get it out. No amount of silly looks and bad jokes and clumsiness can discount the amount of serious cool oozing from these porcelain stoneware tiles. Think of this series as the George Clooney of flooring options.

Like a good navy suit, sometimes a single color is all your need – that is totally true of the Antares series. With elegant contrasts of black and grey, wrought with silvery hints of metallic browns and beautiful beige glazing that, when combined in just the right way, interact and seem to come alive underfoot. With these unbelievably cool, bright, and refined tones, Antares is the ideal solution for any man whose life needs a bit of a masculine pickup. And thanks to Antares’ bold message of rusted iron, burning flame and intense transformations, your friends won’t be able to laugh at you even when you’re half-wearing a pretty pink princess gown and tiara, face covered in “make up,” all sense of decency out the door. At least you’ll have Antares and your five-o-clock shadow to buoy you.