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Imola Ceramica Micron Tile

Imola Ceramica Micron

Maybe all the anarchists and doomsday preppers and overexciteable cults on the margins of society have the right idea: maybe civilization is slipping towards chaos—and the only solution to the chaos is a little bit of order in the form of Micron Porcelain Stoneware tiles. Everyone’s running around willy nilly, enrolling their kids in alternative learning institutions where grades don’t matter and phonics and spelling are defunct subjects. Kids aren’t even encouraged to color in the lines anymore. Bikers don’t have to use the bike lane. There’s no sense of decorum in the 7:30am line at Dunkin Donuts. No one’s paying attention to the lines anymore and it’s a sure sign that imminent chaos is in our forseeable future.

To combat the chaos, try taking back a little bit of respect for lines. We all took geometry. We know how satisfying proofs are. Straight lines can’t be disputed. They are soothing and reliable. They are also aesthetically appealing. To anyone with even a hint of OCD, the “natural flow” of many elements of modern life can be frustrating. The edges of the photo won’t line up to the frame or that stupid electric car parked just so far over the line that you can’t squeeze into the next spot or the beauty aesthetician mucks up the French manicure on just one finger but you don’t notice until you’re ten minutes into your drive home. Once you get home wouldn’t you like a bit of organization and straight lines and order – a haven from the chaos? The Micron series is all straight edges and perfect squares and even lines – just the right dose of order and beauty to smooth out the creases of the day.

Available in nine different sizes -- 5x60 cm, 10x10 cm, 10x30 cm, 15x15 cm, 15x60 cm, 30x30 cm, 30x60 cm, 45x45 cm, 60x60 cm – you can take back some of the control you may have felt that you’d lost when you choose the dimensions of the square shapes that decorate your interior. In five gorgeous no-nonsense shades of white, beige, grey beige, dark grey, black, the Micron series will fight the chaos for you.