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Imola Ceramica Tivoli Tile

Imola Ceramica Tivoli Tile

You maybe over toga parties – or you may think you are – but you’re never too old to introduce a touch of classy classic Rome into your lion’s den with Tivoli tiles by Imola Ceramica. These stunningly chic modular glazed porcelain tiles offer us humble contemporaries the chance to bring a little Old World Roma into our pre-fab polyster-loving Americana Colluseums. Instead of just tearing up the good oldies and trying to make them work in a much more modern setting, the Tivoli series uses the enviable antique stone effect of ancient Roman temples with a modern twist. Although ancient Roman stone was overrun by hundreds of thousands of minions over centuries, your version of old Roman stone won’t be secondhand goods. It is well within your budget, unlike true ancient Roman stone, and you can choose the color and size that best suits your olive branch.

Available in four formats, the Tivoli tiles can be yours in 40x40 cm, 40x60 cm, 60x60 cm, 20x40 cm, as well as four authentic and elegant shades of natural stone. Choose from almond, beige, brown or grey – whatever floats your Trojan horse. Regardless of color and size, Imola Ceramica’s Tivoli tiles are all realistic reproductions of those gorgeous materials that you’ve been lusting over ever since that semester abroad when you learned that America is just too new to be old-fashioned. Thanks to the use of their fancypants Colour Definition System technology, you can get a brand new tile that looks all antique and Old World, but is actually brand new. It’ll be strong and beautiful for many moons to come, even if your home is a proverbial lion’s den. From kids to cats and everything in between, ceramic holds up much better to wear and tear than natural stone. It is also more ecofriendly and you’ll get brownie points for that.