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Indusparquet Engineered Collection

Indusparquet Engineered 1/2" x 5"

Exotic hardwoods take an exciting turn in the Engineered Hand Scraped collection from IndusParquet, featuring a stellar cast of unusually beautiful hardwoods from foreign locales. Each hardwood floor features delicate hand-scraping for added texture and rustic beauty, imbuing your home with exotic elegance. Durable and exceedingly sturdy, planks are 1/2” thick, ensuring these boards won't split or give. A protective finish protects the gorgeous colors from dulling, and makes these floors very easy to maintain. These floors will glow and glimmer in natural sunlight, filtering an earthy calm throughout your home. It's time for some summer cleaning, and that means home renovation, so get rid of your dull and splintering hardwood floors! The Engineered Hand Scraped collection by IndusParquet supplies support and beauty to last a lifetime.

Select hand-tooled planks in a versatile 5” width, with random lengths for a trendy hodgepodge of wood boards. The Brazilian Pecan species is particularly trendy, with high color variation between dark brown and golden beige that creates an eye catching pattern. The hand scraped Tigerwood also features board-to-board color variation, though more subtly; these gold and apricot tones look stunning in the kitchen, and we also highly recommend Tigerwood with Asian inspired design accents. Traditional designers often prefer the pinkish gold undertones of Brazilian Cherry, while Tigerwood Ebony is a darker take on Tigerwood, a black-brown color that looks great with modern decor, like geometric inspired furnishings with white fabrics. The possibilities are simply endless, with the stunning hardwoods from the Engineered Hand Scraped collection!

Indusparquet Engineered 3/8"

Check out the beautiful exotic hardwoods from the 3/8” Engineered collection by IndusParquet! Each of these lovely woods will make your home feel like a foreign palace, featuring Amendoim, Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, Tigerwood and more! Each floor is vividly colored, and protected by a finish that resists scratching and wear. Along with its enduring design and 3/8” thickness, this collection comes with a 25 Year Residential Warranty, so we can guarantee that these floors are in it for the long run. Planks are available in a 3 1/4” width, a trendy strip style that looks great with modern and avant-garde styles. The 3/8” Engineered collection from IndusParquet is the perfect hardwood flooring if you want to turn your house into a personal and comfortable home, so call us now and place an order!

Chestnut Maduro is a huge hit with IndusParquet customers, featuring warm gold and brown tones that we love in the front room and kitchen, especially in the morning sunlight, when the golden hues glow throughout your home. Brazilian Cherry is another bestseller, and we love this version, with its soft and smooth grains colored in pink and gold, perfect for the sitting room. Tigerwood never disappoints, with its brass color and lively spirit; pair this floor with modern interior design inspirations. The blacks and chocolate browns of Chestnut Ebony look bold and imposing in the front room, and we also recommend installing it in the library, for a professional aesthetic. The 3/8” Engineered collection will do wonders for the dynamic of your home design.

Indusparquet Engineered 5/16"

It's time to get away! Get away from your beat down hardwood floors, I mean. The 5/16” Engineered collection from IndusParquet is all the rage, transforming boring houses into cozy homes! Choose from seven exotic species in either 3” or 6 1/4” widths, depending on your design needs. Imagine the friendly glow of hardwood throughout your home, highlighting the natural gold, red, and brown hues in your home décor. Each of these selections features a 5/16” thickness for durability with added flexibility, and installs with glue, nail, or staple. There's no other engineered hardwood collection that satisfies the principles of good home design better than these Brazilian Cherry, Tauri, Santos Mahogany, and Tigerwood floors. The Indusparquet 5/16” Engineered hardwood collection is a favorite of our customers, and we think it'll be your favorite, too!

Choose from a wide variety of colors and grain styles, like the deep and luxurious Santos Mahogany, featuring a luscious auburn body with pink undertones that we love in the dining room with cherry wood furnishings. Brazilian Chestnut is lighter and more fun, with wheat gold tones that look friendly in the front room. Deep gold and especially exotic, Tigerwood is beautiful in the kitchen, and goes best with Asian design accents; install this floor in your living room with lacquered black furnishings and silky red fabrics. Brazilian Cherry is always popular, and the strawberry tones mesh well with all color schemes and design styles. The 5/16” Engineered hardwood collection has to be your first stop for beautiful engineered hardwood floors.