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Indusparquet Engineered Solidarity Collection

Indusparquet Engineered Solidarity 5/8"

Premium exotic hardwoods are difficult to come by, so when you find the exotic hardwood collection that makes your heart flutter, never let it go! The 5/8” Engineered Solidarity collection is everything you need to satisfy those classic cravings for natural hardwoods. Choose from eight beautiful styles with innovative design, perfect for designers from all walks of life, whether traditional, modern, avant-garde, or shabby chic. The sturdy 5/8” thickness will keep your floors strong and durable for years and years, but a 25 Year Residential Warranty sure puts a homeowner’s mind at ease! These floors are first placed foreign specimens, ideal for any contemporary home. The IndusParquet 5/8” Engineered Solidarity collection is stunning engineered hardwood flooring that you can depend on!

All planks are offered in a 3 1/2” strip plank style with lovely surfaces and coloring. Brazilian Gray Patina is a popular option, especially among modern and avant-garde designers, for its distinguished steel gray and powdery brown tones that we love in the home office. Brazilian Gold Patina is another interesting take on hardwood, with wheat and earthy brown colors that go well with a subtle orange and gold decorative color scheme. Santos Mahogany features color variation from board-to-board, and looks lush and expensive in the dining room. Another best selling selection is Brazilian Teak, with smooth auburn and caramel colors that we love in the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, anywhere! The 5/8” Engineered Solidarity collection will work toward happier home design, and give your house a natural sense of elegance.

Indusparquet Engineered Solidarity 7/16"

Exciting exotic hardwoods are now available from the IndusParquet 7/16” Engineered Solidarity collection, a line of beautiful engineered woods to make you go ga-ga for exotic hardwood. Six stunning wood styles in a fashionable 4” width makes this collection attractive to all sorts of interior designers, and each color offers gold undertones for an alluring glow throughout your home. These floors are long lasting, and come with a 25 Year Residential Warranty for added confidence. Choose from species like Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, Tigerwood, Brazilian Chestnut and more! There's bound to be the perfect engineered hardwood to improve your home design, and these floors provide the perfect foundation for newly built homes as well. Prepare to be enticed by the power of exotic hardwoods, with the 7/16” Engineered Solidarity collection from IndusParquet.

These aren't your parents' hardwood floors, these babies are plucked from foreign locales and treated with gorgeous dyes and protective glosses that maintain vivid grains for years. Rip up your tired old floor boards and replace them with Santos Mahogany, an auburn gold color that provides bold class to your front room. Tigerwood offers bright brass tones, and board-to-board color variation creates lively movement, drawing the eye around each room like a winding river. Brazilian Teak is especially popular, for its rich, smoky brown and toffee gold tones that look yummy in the kitchen and dining room, where your dinner guests will gush over your keen fashion sense. Upgrade your home with a touch of exotic class, with the 7/16” Engineered Solidarity collection.