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Indusparquet Solid Collection

Indusparquet Solid Collection

If there's anything we love, it's the naturally stunning sheen of premium hardwoods, and with the Indusparquet 5/8” Coterie collection, your home can transform into a charming, exotic bungalow. Including some of the finest solid hardwood floors on the market, like Angico, Brazilian Cherry, and Brazilian Pecan, this collection is a favorite among both contemporary and traditional designers. These elegant exotic species are as beautiful as they are durable, with gorgeous details and rich natural finishes that look inviting in your home. Each plank is 5/8” thick for ultimate strength and endurance, giving you confidence in the lasting performance of your hardwood, and the trendy 3 1/2” plank width fits perfectly in rooms of any dimension! The 5/8” Coterie collection is just another stellar collection from IndusParquet, so order today and find out what these lovely hardwoods can do for your home design.

Six gorgeous colors are available from this collection, featuring design flexibility that makes each floor harmonize with a wide range of design styles. Brazilian Pecan is a favorite of modern designers, with its pale brown and chocolate wood grains that offer an exotic floor pattern throughout your home. Brazilian Cherry is a beautiful, well-loved hardwood with an auburn flush that lights up in natural sunlight; we recommend using this hardwood in the dining room, where your dinner guests will writhe with envy. Tauri is a playful hardwood, with reddish gold undertones that look fun and welcoming in the front room, especially with beige and green décor accents. Golden Maple is another solid option, a vivid honey gold perfect for the living room with bold colors and heavy furnishings. Get away to an exotic locale, without even leaving your home, with the 5/8” Coterie collection.

Indusparquet Hand Scraped Solid 3/4"

Your house deserves an upgrade, so when you're considering home renovation, we highly recommend replacing your tired hardwood floors with the bright and vibrant selections from the 3/4” Solid collection by IndusParquet. Brazilian Cherry, Amendoim, Angico, and Brazilian Chestnut are just a few of the beautiful solid hardwoods featured in this collection, and three widths make it easy to fit any room dimension. Forget everything you ever knew about solid hardwood, because these exotic specimens will revolutionize your home design like no other hardwood. The gorgeous dyes are protected by a strong gloss that resists wear and scratching, so your floors look bright and brand new for years! Take the first step toward stylish home design, with the versatile and beautiful 3/4” Solid collection from IndusParquet.

No matter your color scheme or design preference, this collection offers exotic hardwoods that harmonize with a wide variety of styles. Traditional designers love the simple beauty of Brazilian Chestnut, which works nicely with cottage and cabin design styles. Brazilian Walnut is a deep red with an alluring sheen, and we recommend creating a bold impression by installing this hardwood in the front rooms. Brazilian Cherry features very high color variation, with tones ranging from chocolate brown to burnished gold, and looks beautiful in the sitting room with simple furnishings and subtle colors. Brazilian Rosewood is another popular option, and goes well with vintage décor, like old oriental rugs and silver patina decorative pieces. The 3/4” Solid collection offers hardwood for every occasion!

Indusparquet Smooth Solid 3/4"

Solid hardwood floors are known for their structural loyalty, long lasting performance and everlasting beauty, and the Solid Hand Scraped collection from IndusParquet is one of the most enduring hardwood collections on the market. Seven styles complete the collection, offering rich tones, smooth grains, and fine texture achieved by masterful hand scraping. The rustic, hand-tooled aesthetic of these hardwoods will give your home a natural beauty like never before, highlighting earthy tones like gold, brown, and auburn. Be confident in the durability of each floor, with a solid 3/4” thickness that guards against splitting and caving, as well as a 25 Year Residential Warranty. The IndusParquet Solid Hand Scraped collection will leave you speechless, and imbue your home with an exotic flair to upgrade your style.

These solid hardwoods offer deep tones, like the chic Brazilian Angelim Ebony, a bold black and brown hardwood that we love with modern inspirations; try pairing this floors with bright colors like lime green, fire engine red, or royal purple. Have some fun with these floors! The Brazilian Cherry Rouge selection looks great with dark cherry furnishings and ivory fabrics, perfect for a French Rustic inspired home. Brazilian Chestnut is the lightest selection, a toffee color with subtle orange tones that light up in the morning sunrise, beautiful in the kitchen and dining room. Brazilian Walnut features chocolate brown and gold accents perfect for the bedrooms and living areas. You'll be satisfied with any floor from the Solid Hand Scraped collection, so call today and order a hand scraped hardwood floor to upgrade your design!

Indusparquet Smooth Solid 5/16”

It's time to tell your home's hardwood to step aside! The 5/16” Solid collection by IndusParquet is here and ready to party! These fun and exciting hardwoods will add some exotic flair to your interior design, personalizing your décor and revitalizing tired styles. The vivid colors and masterful design techniques make this collection one of the most popular on the flooring market. Nine diverse choices make it easy for homeowners to harmonize existing décor with a new solid hardwood floor, and with the 25 Year Residential Warranty, you won't have to worry about replacing floor boards for a long, long time. Each plank is available in a thin, 3 1/8” width for a fashionable contemporary aesthetic. The

IndusParquet 5/16” Solid collection will give your home that upgrade its been craving!

Each of the nine species is richly colored, with a gloss to protect surfaces from wear, scratching, water damage, and splintering. The sheen of Brazilian Cherry is enticing, as its pink and gold tones filter throughout your home with unstoppable beauty. For a more professional look, Santos Mahogany stands out as the most bold and beautiful reddish gold hardwood, perfect for a sophisticated feel in the home office or library. Brazilian Angelim is all the rage among modern designers, featuring deep auburn tones that look almost black, for an imposing appearance in the entryway. Brazilian Pecan is another luscious choice, with chocolate brown and caramel colors that look classic with traditional inspirations. The 5/16” Solid collection is one of our favorite places to find exotic solid hardwood flooring, let's make it your favorite, too!

Indusparquet Smooth Solid 7/16”

When you're looking for superior solid hardwoods, the specimens from the 7/16” Solid collection by IndusParquet are the best of the best! Browse our stunning collection of Amendoim, Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Chestnut, Brazilian Walnut and Brazilian Rosewood. You'll fall in love with these solid hardwoods, because re-imagining your home design has never been so fun and simple! Choose one of the six styles for a trendy upgrade in your home design. No matter your interior design preferences, this collection features exotic solid hardwoods to match your décor. Become the trendiest home on the block by pairing each floor with modern accents, or indulge nostalgia by choosing a more traditional style. The perfect foundation for a lasting home, the 7/16” Solidarity collection will not disappoint!

Each floor comes with a 25 Year Residential Warranty and protective finish that resists wear and scratching. Brazilian Rosewood will still be beautiful 20 years from now, and you'll enjoy seeing those strawberry red undertones everyday. Amendoim is more conservative, with subtle wheat gold and dusky brown that looks clean and crisp in the kitchen. Santos Mahogany conjures images of a lush mansion, and will make your home look deluxe and expensive, especially in the dining room or sitting room. Brazilian Cherry is always popular, for its bright copper and reddish hues that glow in the morning sunrise. You'd like some extra spice in your home, and we'd love to help you select one of six stunning floors from the 7/16” Solid collection.