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Interceramic Amazonia Porcelain Tile

Interceramic Amazonia Porcelain Tile

Interceramic’s Amazonia porcelain tiles will bring you to the beaches and places in viva Brazil in no time at all. If you had always wanted to visit Brazil and look at all those beautiful mixed people, this is the time when you can have some of those interesting feels in your home.

Interceramic’s Amazonia porcelain tile collection has brought some of the charms of the Brazilian beaches to grace the interior of your homes. From light beige to greys to dark browns, the Interceramic’s Amazonia will be suitable for those who have exotic tastes but do not want to compromise on classiness by presenting tacky looking interiors for their visitors.

Choose the Paraiba White for modern interiors where living rooms are filled with abstract paintings, sculptures and strange looking lamps shaped like they were made by aliens. The kind of sofas you want to match with this room cannot be soft or dainty but more modular in design.

Amazonia Oiba Brown is a dark chocolate looking porcelain tile is a great match for kitchen interiors what may have a mix of traditional designs and a modern look. Traditional can be in terms of cabinetry and shelves while the modern taste can come from choice of cutlery, electronics and cooking items.

The Porto Beige is a delectable color which has the texture of mixed marble veining while the Bahia Grey’s cement features takes us back to the old times when fancy building materials were not the norm. Long terraces overlooking an ocean, a long white beach filled with long legged beauties and palm trees swaying from far beyond the horizon would look great with something like Porto Beige. All you have to do is imagine something as exotic those Brazilian beaches and put them down on paper to make those magical moments come alive with this collection.