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Interceramic Aquarelle Ceramic

Interceramic Aquarelle Porcelain

The vibrancy of Interceramic Aquarelle adds life and excitement to any space. With a cool touch of the contemporary style, these High Density ceramic floor tiles and glazed ceramic wall tiles add definition through playful incandescent tones. The luminosity of Aquarelle vamps up any décor backed by incredible resiliency suitable for both residential and commercial applications. With a brightness that transforms any bleak décor, these incandescent tiles transfer a timeless beauty that seamlessly compliments any accenting elements. Easy to clean, these virtually maintenance free tiles will remain just as vibrant as the day they were installed for generations to come.

Equipped with a wide range of shades, sizes and accenting insert pieces, Interceramic Aquarelle allows for optimal creative customization presenting a backdrop that reflects your unique design personality. Offering a versatile style that compliments nearly any décor, two light shades, Naples Ivory and Shadow Grey, create a light and airy accent specifically for flooring. Available in 24”x24” and 16”x16” square tiles, these two sleek tones open up any space with a calming gracefulness. Allowing your walls to speak for themselves, six radiant shades in 12”x18” rectangular tiles create depth and life. Exuding a bold vibrancy strictly resembling their name, Shadow Grey, Naples Ivory, Earth Orange, Light Green, Sky Blue and Sienna Brown, give personality to any space. Mix and match or create one monochromatic space with Interceramic Aquarelle. A great accent to any entryway, lobby, kitchen or bathroom, these ceramic tiles are simply irresistible, effortlessly creating life and character.