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Interceramic Arizona Ceramic

Interceramic Arizona Ceramic

Interceramic Arizona collection is fast becoming the obvious choice for flooring across America. Arizona as a state has a lot to offer, at Tombstone the American frontier troops battled with the mighty Geronimo reserving a space for Arizonans in the history books. If that doesn’t suffice they do have the Grand Canyon, and if there is anywhere in the world which can serve as inspiration for a floor tile, the Grand Canyon must surely be it.

Interceramic, on our behalf, abseiled deep down into the canyon and upon their return unveiled a floor tile which perfectly encapsulates all that Arizona has to offer. They bought back a tile which displays the rich earthy textures that cover the Arizona landscape, a rich Geology that works wonders on the floor of any home. Available in 2 earthy tones, Beige and Copper, this floor tile brings the Canyon to you in all its finest glory. In a multitude of sizes, 16” x 16”, 8” x 16”, 8” x 8” and in bullnose 3” x 16” the perfect size and tone can be found for your house with ease.

This ceramic flooring option bought to you by Interceramic will instantly bring life into your home. This collection succeeds in bringing the outdoors in, and with that success gives any room a charming feel that adds depth and life. Life-giving and full of character this easy to maintain tile will make you a proud American and a proud homeowner, revitalizing the American dream through inspiration from one of the world’s greatest wonders.